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Not for the faint of heart, Ana Maria Rosato hosts Sassy Political Coach™, home to “Hell Hath No Fury™,” her how-to series to help Democrats create our BIG BLUE WAVE this ROEvember.


Ana Maria  empowers listeners with battle-tested, practical, and effective paint-by-number actions gleaned from her many years on the political frontlines throughout the nation. 


Speaking in a scathing style redolent of her hometown region’s famous cuisine — hot, strong, and spicy, Ana Maria dishes out her political expertise drenched in her signature New Orleanian-cultured sarcasm, satire, and sass.  


Her background includes electoral, nonprofit, educational, and government experience on the local, state, and national levels of government and politics. 


Ana Maria’s political work spans the U.S. from the outskirts of New Orleans along the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the heartland of Nashville, Tennessee, from the nation’s capital in Washington, DC, to the capital of Silicon Valley, California, and most recently from the battleground state of Georgia.

Ana Maria glancing upward to her right with her finger on her chin thinking of another sassy thing to say to the dumbass in front of her.

Photo credit: Rob Wright

Ana Maria worked on the frontlines protecting voter rights as communications director of the ACLU of Georgia. During her tenure, she also fought for reproductive freedom, criminal legal reform, and First Amendment freedoms.


Following in the footsteps of the many educators in her family, Ana Maria fought for public education funding and educator resources as well as against privatizing public education funding: vouchers and private charter schools. 

While working as communications director for Congressman Gene Taylor (D-South Mississippi), Ana Maria focused on post-Katrina recovery and mitigating the BP environmental catastrophe.

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