Meet Ana Maria

Ana Maria is a seasoned, disciplined, and persuasive communications professional with savvy political acumen and extensive political, campaign, and legislative experience. 


Ana Maria specializes in all aspects of communications from media relations and coaching to message
development and crisis
communications to
communications and


Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries:

The ABC's of Democracy!

Sassy Political Coach Podcast

With her signature New Orleans-cultured satire, sarcasm, and sass, Ana Maria Rosato, host of Sassy Political Coach™, dished out her advice through her “Hell Hath No Fury™” series.


In down-to-earth language, Ana Maria provided Democrats with easy-to-follow advice designed to unleash the political power located at the tips of their tongues, tips of their fingers, and bottoms of their feet to help create victories in 2022! 

Time to imitate the fierce determination and strength of these women warriors so that we become powerful politically to protect our lives, the lives of our  loved ones, and, of course, our communities and nation. 

Ana Maria glancing upward to her right with her finger on her chin thinking of another sassy thing to say to the dumbass in front of her.

Sassy Political Coach™ – home to “Hell Hath No Fury,” a battle-tested, how-to 2022 podcast series to help Democrats nationwide create our

BIG BLUE WAVE in Roevember! 

The Dora Milaje ready for battle.

Three Featured Podcasts

How To Create YOUR Plan to Vote

We keep hearing the phrase, “Make a plan to vote.” But what the heck does that mean? 


I’ll show you how so YOU can bring Hell Hath NO FURY into the voting booth where we make our fury felt.



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Barefoot & Pregnant, My Ass!  

Get YOUR HEAD in the GAME!  

Cell Phone Activism!