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Ana Maria Rosato is a seasoned, disciplined, and savvy political communications expert. She is a creative problem-solving team player with infinite energy, a contagious enthusiasm, and an eternal passion for justice.

Ana Maria specializes in all aspects of communications from media relations and coaching to digital communications and advertising to message development and crisis communications that connect, persuade, and resonate with voters and the media.

Ana Maria Rosato

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Of course, Ana Maria is devoted to creating social justice and Democratic victories at the ballot box and inside legislative chambers.



Ana Maria’s background spans the nation from the heartland of Tennessee to the heart of the Katrina-ravaged area along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, from our nation’s capital in Washington D.C. to the capital of Silicon Valley, California, and most recently the battleground state of Georgia .


Her professional history includes electoral and nonprofit, educational, and government experience on the local, state, and national levels of government and politics. She has also worked as a legislative performance auditor in Tennessee and San Francisco, California. 


Ana Maria is a creative problem-solving, collaborative team player with infinite energy, a contagious enthusiasm, and an eternal passion for justice. Her strategic, multi-layered skill set is a powerful, invaluable, and phenomenal boon to any candidate, campaign, or organization with which or with whom she collaborates.  


From message development to media relations and public speaking coaching and from your website and social media presence to radio, newspaper, and social media/digital advertising, Ana Maria’s extensive experience and expertise will prove to be the golden treasure Democrats and progressive organizations seek for their success. She excels in crisis communications.


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As communications director of the ACLU of Georgia, Ana Maria  worked on the frontlines protecting voter rights  and right of every woman — or couple — to decide when to start or expand a family.  During her tenure, she also fought for criminal legal reform and First Amendment freedoms.


Working with the Mississippi Association of Educators as its communications consultant, Ana Maria fought for public education funding and educator resources as well as against privatizing public education funding: i.e. vouchers and private charter schools. 


While working as communications director for Congressman Gene Taylor (D-South Mississippi), Ana Maria focused on post-Katrina recovery and mitigating the BP environmental catastrophe. 


Ana Maria fights for justice.

Quite candidly, Ana Maria’s media relations expertise is one of her super secret powers that turbo charges organizations, causes, and campaigns relations with the press. She loves working with reporters, and they love working with her.

A certified toastmaster, Ana Maria will coach you so that you deliver your message like a pro. Her one-on-one coaching will dramatically increase your confidence in speaking with the media and before audiences of all sizes.

Having worked side-by-side with ACLU of Georgia’s legal department — whose legal director was the state’s 2019 Attorney of the Year, Ana Maria’s command of today’s most pressing issues is unparalleled in the political communications space. From voter rights and protecting a woman’s right to decide her own healthcare to criminal legal reform and First Amendment freedoms, Ana Maria is fully fluent in the nuances that move the court of public opinion.

Ana Maria communicates effectively with our nation’s diverse constituencies from the heartland of Tennessee to the heart of the Katrina-ravaged area along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and from the Mississippi Delta to California’s Silicon Valley to the heartless Jim Crow 2.0 frontlines in Georgia. She possesses exceptional cultural competency regarding race, ethnicity, and religion much of which she honed while working Democratic and union campaigns in Silicon Valley, California and through her upbringing in a bedroom community outside of New Orleans.  

Not for the faint of heart, Ana Maria hosted Sassy Political Coach™, home to “Hell Hath No Fury™,” her down-to-earth, practical how-to podcast series to help Democrats create our BIG BLUE WAVE in ROEvember 2022.


Ana Maria  empowered listeners with battle-tested, practical, and effective paint-by-number actions gleaned from her many years on the political frontlines throughout the nation. 

Speaking in a scathing style redolent of her hometown region’s famous cuisine — hot, strong, and spicy, Ana Maria dished out her political expertise drenched in her signature New Orleanian-cultured sarcasm, satire, and sass.