Ep. 5: Ask the Right Questions

Ep. 5: Ask the Right Questions

All right, folks, we have an awful lot of work to do, and we have zero time to waste asking the wrong questions and taking our attention away from the task at hand so that we can absolutely get rid of the hell that the ReTHUGlliQans are imposing on our lives. And, of course, what they’re promising to impose on our lives.


But I got to tell you. I’m seeing these questions all over social media. Folks are just asking the wrong damn questions.


They basically fall into three buckets. I’m going to take them one at a time.



Don’t ReTHUGliQans understand …?”


Hell, yeah, they understand. They live to dominate and control you and me. They’re sadists reveling in the pleasure of our misery.


So you got that question answered. Next, and it’s another version of this.


 “I don’t think the Supreme Court Justices understand.”


First of all, not ALL of the Justices of the US. Supreme Court. It’s just the six ReTHUGliQan-appointed members. So, let’s make sure that we refrain from painting all of them with the brush that belongs only to the six ReTHUGliQan-appointed ones.


But again, the same answer.


Hell, yeah. They understand. That’s the reason for their appointment courtesy of George Bush, Jr., and his daddy as well as their Frankenstein buddy who moved into the Oval Office in January 2017 … and hopefully will be moving into a prison cell sooner than he would care to.


And here is the question that really summarizes the third and final bucket.


“Why are the ReTHUGlliQans doing this?”


The answer is real straightforward. It’s because they are in positions of political power. 

Questions word cloud - who, what, where

Questions are important, but they have to be the right questions so that we focus our attention in the direction of where we desire to go.


So here are those questions.


1) How do I help?


2) How much time can I devote to volunteering as much as possible between now and November 8 so I can help create the BIG BLUE WAVE of victories that we need?


3) Who in my life can I recruit to join this BLUE WAVE team with me?


That’s it.


You see, when you ask those questions, your attention goes in the direction of the solution to the current political problem we’re facing.


And I call this the S.O.S, America Program, which stands for Speaking of Solutions,  America. Cute, huh? I made it up.


It really is important that you understand what it is that ReTHUGlliQans fear, because that undergirds everything that they’re doing.


First of all, what they fear is that you will wake up to your own political power that is literally at the tip of your tongue, the tips of your fingers, and the bottoms of your feet.


Republican … excuse me, ReTHUGliQans fear that you will wake up and do the work that puts us in the political powerful positions that we need to be in. And that, of course, makes them politically impotent, which is where we need them to be.


And then the third thing that they fear is that you will wake up and channel all of your rage and anger, fear and frustration to make the calls to identify voters who will support our Democratic candidates.


To knock on the doors to talk face-to-face with targeted voters.


And to register citizens to vote and ensure that they actually are able to cast their ballots in spite of the nationwide epidemic of Jim Crow 2.0, which I will discuss in a future episode.


The truth of the matter is that when we do these things that we need to do – making the phone calls, knocking the doors, registering and reregistering folks to vote, we can win.


We can sweep in Democrats from sea-to-shining-sea, from local to state to the U.S. House of Representatives and at least TWO additional pro-choice Democratic US. Senators.


Then, when these senators take office on January 3, we can finally guarantee reproductive freedom, protect the right to privacy, marital equality, and voter rights.


We can pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. We can expand the number of U.S. Supreme Court Justices to lucky number 13, and the crowd roars.


Together, we can make this happen. YOUR help is important.


Here are a few resources that I’ve already recorded. Episode 3 talks about how you can dial for Democratic votes.


Episode 4 talks about various roles you can play in a campaign’s social media and on the ground yard sign program.


Episode 2 talks about getting your head in the game. And in each episode, of course, I provide paint by number action steps.


Okay, so that’s enough for this episode. Thank you for listening.


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This is Ana Maria. Now go out and make Hell Hath No Fury, our political rallying cry that helps to create our BIG BLUE WAVE.



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