Ep. 4: Turbo-charge Social Media 4 Big Mo(mentum)!

Ep. 4: Turbo-charge Social Media 4 Big Mo(mentum)!

In this episode, I’m going to tell you another way that you can channel your rage and fury, anger and disgust into politically effective actions that truly help create the Big Blue Wave this November.


Specifically, I’m going to tell you how to coordinate a campaign’s social media and yard sign program to turbo-charge the Big Mo. Momentum!

Let’s get started!

Traditionally, campaign volunteers throw the yard signs in the back of a car or truck and then put the yard signs up and leave the property without ever contacting the voters. There’s absolutely no person-to-person contact with the voters. 

Wham! Bam! Thank ya, Ma’am! And that’s it.

We’re going to change this up to generate a ton of positive on-the-ground campaign buzz which turns into …. THE BIG MO! MOMENTUM


Deliver the yard signs in the day at a time when the voters are more likely to be at home. There’s a reason for this, and it’ll become to you in just a second.


• Wear the campaign t-shirt. It’s good for additional promotion for our Democratic candidates.  
• You’re going to have your list of houses and your signs.
• Go to the house, knock on the door, stand back several feet to give some personal space and be polite. Introduce yourself.


Hi, I’m Ana Maria. I’m here with the Democratic campaign delivering the yard sign you requested. Where would you like me to put it?


They’ll tell you. 


Okay, great. I’ll be right back.


You’ll put the sign up. You return to the house. Knock on the door.


It’s me again. Just want to make sure that the sign is where exactly you want it. 


(Wait for their answer.)


Oh, wonderful! Well, [name your candidate here] would LOVE to have a short little video of you with your sign so we can post it on the campaign’s social media. And if there is anyone else in the home who would like to join, if you have a dog or a cat, that would be great, too! Would that be ok? 


The point is to engage the voters in the campaign to feel more connected to it. Let’s say that they say yes. 


• You set everything up.
• Take a quick video.
• Encourage the voter to say something like,
“I support so and so,” or “I support so and so, because …. ” 

• Nice short, quick 10-15-20 second video.


I recommend that you use to curate the videos,  the supporter’s contact information, and permission to use the video on social media. It’s cool little program. I used it a lot in 2020 when I was the communications director for the ACLU of Georgia.  I highly recommend it.


I also recommend that before you get out of your vehicle that you pull up the campaign’s Powerstory account on your phone and fill out some of the form with the information that you have – the supporter’s name, phone number, and address. And if you have the email address, put that in there as well. 


Then all you have to do is show the voter your phone to verify the information. Have the voter add an email if need be. The form syncs the video with the contact info.


Take the video, show it to the voter so that they are happy with what they see. Let them hit the button that sends the video to the campaign’s PowerStory account. Boom! It’s all done.


Thank the voter. Tell ’em that the campaign will let ’em know when the video is posted.


The video goes up to a cloud. The campaign’s designated team member   determines when to post the videos. 


Once the videos are posted, the campaign can have a volunteer call and tell the supporters! Ring ring ring! Ring ring ring! 


Hi! This is Ana Maria with the ___ campaign. Just wanted to let you know that the video that we took of you with your yard sign, we’ve posted it on our social media!


Then, you go ahead and tell them where they can go and repost, retweet, tag themselves. Ask the supporters to tag the campaign! 


This is an incredible way to have multiple direct contacts with the voter in meaningful ways that further solidifies the mutual relationship between the supporters, the candidate, and the campaign.  


First of all, at the house when you do the first knock on the door speaking to them directly. That is critical. 


Now when you go back to the door, and you get them to come out to do the video. And then while you’re doing the video. 


Those are three different times to do face-to-face communication which is the most critical way – direct fact-to-face contact with a voter is the most important thing anyone can do in a campaign. THE MOST IMPORTANT.


That’s three contacts there. Then you have the phone contact in the next day or so when the campaign has uploaded the video, it’s not face-to-face but it’s the next best thing, because it’s on the phone. GREAT!


And then, of course, you have email and social media. Those are important, but those are really way down on the list because it’s not direct. It’s not face-to-face. It’s not voice-to-voice. 


Think of the chatter on the ground. 


Man, those folks are so nice.They came to the house. We took a little video. Did you see it? I posted it on my Facebook page, and my kids redid it on Instagram. Then they went ahead and put it on TikTok. 


Imagine the chatter. It’s just fantastic! You can’t buy that. You can’t buy the momentum that gets generated. It’s magic. Totally magic!


The personal connection that develops between the campaign and the supporters through this kind of contact … oh my gosh, it just turbo-charges your campaign’s momentum. Big MO! 


You can get a step-by-step pdf on this website. 


Remember, when you and I actively participate in our democracy we are creating the solution that rids our nation of the vile and evil actions of the MAGA-types or what I like to call them MAGAts for short. 


You and I – we make it happen. That’s right. The fabulous members of the Hell Hath No Fury Brigade! We. Make. This. Happen. ¡Sí, se puede! Yes, we can!


That brings us to the end of this episode. I thank you so much for reading! 


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