Sassy Political Coach™ episodes

Ep. 3: Cell Phone Activism!

In Ep. 3, I’ll teach you how to combine your cell phone with the political power you possess at the tip of your tongue and the tips of fingers to create our Blue Wave.

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Ep. 2: Get YOUR HEAD in the GAME!

There are only two places for your head to be. Either in the game, focused and ready to play what’s on the field, and expecting to win, or someplace where the sun fails to shine.

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Sassy Political Coach

Not for the faint of heart, Sassy Political Coach™ with host Ana Maria Rosato is home to “Hell Hath No Fury,” a how-to series to help Democrats create our BIG BLUE WAVE of victories this ROEvember.


With her signature New Orleans-cultured sarcasm, satire, and sass, Ana Maria empowers listeners with battle-tested, practical, and effective paint-by-number actions gleaned from her many years on the political frontlines throughout the nation. 

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